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Terms & Conditions

1. The customer is responsible for the registration at the correctness of the data. Referring to your data, use the Lithuanian letters. Name and place names begin with a capital letter to write. It is necessary to specify the exact delivery address that the product can be successfully delivered. If the data is incorrect, the customer's online store will be limited and reservations will be made​​.
2. Check-in time is required to indicate the phone number and e-mail. These data are needed to be able to contact the customer and inform the client about the progress of the order.
3. Site Administration undertakes not to transfer confidential client information to third parties.
4. Electronic goods store to buy a physical (not less than 16 years) and legal entities.
5. When you buy goods you confirm that you are familiar with the rules of e-shops, goods return and warranty conditions.
6. You may not copy, use, distribute, or restore information online shop without the written consent of the site owner.
7. Forbidden to interfere with the online shop system.
8. We reserve the right to adjust the page's content.
9. Product quantities are limited. Customers consigned to that depicted in the picture and described in the descriptions.
10. If the price of a product online and in-store do not match, to be regarded as fair price shops.
11. The introduction of new rules for e-shop items, they take effect immediately after its publication.